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Embedded SSD

Specially designed for industrial embedded storage applications ,which requires small form-factor, variety of interfaces and high reliability

Featured Products

2.5”SATAII I2 MSATA 2.0 I2M Half Slim SATA I2H
CFast I2F M.2 SSD M700 2.5”SATAIII I3

Military Grade SSD

Specially designed for demanding applications, used in harsh, ruggedized environments

Featured Products

2.5” SATA I6 MSATA 3.0 I6M Half Slim SATA I6H
PCIe I6P 6U VPX I6V 2.5” PATA I1

Special Customized Storage Solutions

In addition to our advertised SSD product families, we also provide customized storage solutions to meet aerospace and defense application requirements.