RECADATA Rigorous Testing Process

RECADATA’s rigorous SSD testing process ensures that your SSD meet the highest industry standards for quality and reliability. Our Comprehensive SSD testing scripts include: Performance Testing, Power Cycling testing, Burn-in testing and High-Low Temperature Testing, Cold/Hot Start testing and Secure Erase Testing,etc.

RECADATA’s robust SSD testing software designed to detect possible SSD failures such as: wear leveling, ECC correction, data retention, TBW and S.M.A.R.T. Below shows a generalized view of the production flow that identifies the key testing steps.

1, SMT line

All PCBAs of RECADATA SSDs are processed with the advanced SMT techniques and inspected carefully in RECADATA Dust-free plant.

2, Initialization

The SSDs are under Firmware installation now and then it can be used as a “Working” SSD. Each SSD must be uploaded the correct FW version per customer’s request. Normally we also call this “Initialization”

3,Performance Test

Performance Test using the Third Party Testing Tool like CrystalDiskMark, HD Tune, IOmeter and Install OS like XP, Win7. The actual tested performance is no less than the declared value in the datasheet.

4, Power ON/OFF Test

Power ON/OFF Test is conducted at least 500 times to ensure data 100% security in case of unexpected power fail. Most SSD manufacturers don’t do this or test 50 times!( Please refer to Power Fail Protection SSD

5, Wide Temperature Test

RECADATA Industrial Grade SSD and Military SSD High-Low Temperature Test must be tested rigorously cold start (@-40C) and hot start (@+85C) Process. Do repetitive test of writing the full drive capacity for 10 times to ensure the SSD runs stably and correctly.

6, Health Check

Scan the bad block of the whole SSD disk and check SSD health status to ensure each SSD 100% healthy and qualified before shipment to customer

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