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Embedded SSDs Feature Sets

Embedded SSDs developed specifically for embedded and industrial applications are emerging as key difference-makers, form factors such as 2.5”, 1.8”, M.2 SSD, Slim SATA SSD, Msata SSD, CompactFlash Card, CFast Card,SATA DOM(Disk on Module), SLC vs. MLC SSDs, interfaces like SATA, PCIe and PATA; and AHCI, NVMe,NGFF and other aspiring standards – these all make for quite an acronym stew and a dizzying array of selections designers must make.

The RECADATA Embedded SSDs I2 Series mSATA SSD easily integrate into a host system without any special BIOS modifications or additional device drivers thanks to their industry-standard SATA interface. Recadata offers both single level cell (SLC) and multi-level cell (MLC) mSATA drives.

The RECADATA Embedded SSDs I2 Series Slim SATA SSD are robust commercial and industrial grade small form factors (SFF) embedded, solid state drive SATA modules. The small form factor, low power consumption, and fast data throughput are major advantages of the Slim SATA module over traditional rotating hard disk drives (HDDs).

The RECADATA Embedded SSDs I3 Series M.2 SATA SSD commercial and industrial grade SATA modules are designed to serve applications that require reliable internal storage yet demand a small footprint. M.2 modules can be used for storing and executing boot up code, operating systems, and also for data tables and general purpose storage.

Embedded and industrial technologies are as vast and varied as the markets they serve; however their requirements for performance, power and reliability remain the same. Whether it’s for use in Public transportation, digital video surveillance equipment, automotive systems ,banking automation, Industrial Automation ,each shares similar characteristics and critical requirements.


Shock and Viberation

Robustness is one of our key specification targets. The design, assembly and selected materials guarantee an extremely solid design which has been validated by intense testing.


This feature uses an extended S.M.A.R.T(Self-Monitoring,Analysis and Reporting Technology)interface or vendor specific commands to retrieve the Flash product information.

Secure Erase

This feature uses an uninterruptable sequence of data erase commands. Even a power off can’t stop the process which will continue upon restoration of power.

Conformal Coating

Aspecial protective coating on selected products.This coating is a thin polyurethane film which protects against aggressive environmental conditions such as dust,moisture or corrosive gas.

Temperature Sensor

The sensor allows the host hardware or soft-ware to monitor the memory device temperature to improve data reliability in the target application environment.

Power Fail Protection

Intelligent Power Fail Protection protects data from unexpected power loss. During an unintentional shutdown,firmware routines and an intelligent hardware architecture ensure that all system and user data will be stored to the NAND.

Wear Leveling

Sophisticated Wear Leveling & Bad Block Management ensures that Flash cells will be sparingly and equally used in order to prolong life time of the device.

Trim Support

Used to maintain data consistency and perform continual data cleansing on SSDs. Freeing up valuable controller resources while sorting good data into available blocks, and deleting bad blocks.

Embedded SSDs Overview

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2.5" SATA II m-SATA 2.0 Half-Slim SATA 2.0 CFast 2.5" SATA III m-SATA 3.0 M.2
Model I2 I2M I2H I2F I3 I3M M700
Capacity MLC:16GB~64GB MLC:16GB~64GB MLC:16GB~64GB MLC:16GB~256GB MLC:16GB~256GB MLC:16GB~256GB MLC:128GB~1TB
P-Fail Protection
Conformal Coating
Secure Erase
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