Detailed Description

The RECADATA P700 Series The NVMe PCIe 3.0x4 Lane AIC HHHL SSD is designed as an NVMe device and complies with the latest NVMe specification, a non-volatile, low-latency,high-performance device is intended for cloud, hyperscale, enterprise data centers and computing environments that require high levels of application acceleration. The SSD can be configured as a boot.

P700 Series SSD can be installed in any system that conforms to the PCI Express 3.0 Specification. The modulardesign allows direct access to the system bus, thereby reducing CPU overhead. The design specifically excludes the use of host resources, with no use of the host CPU, host interrupts or host memory.

P700 Series SSD design eliminates electromechanical noise and delay inherent in traditional magneticrotating media. The wear-leveling and bad-block mapping algorithms ensure data integrity. The embedded Error Detection Code and Cyclic Redundancy Checking (EDC/CRC) ensures data reliability.

P700 Series SSD PCIe SAS/SATA RAID card is storage solution specially designed for high industrial grade servers, workstation and database. Each connection support SAS/SATA 6Gbps, by using PCI Express 3.0 X4 to connect to HBA, work site and servers.It can support the advanced RAID function like RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID10 and standard OS, such as Windows\Mac\Linux\ Unix\Solaris\ Vxworks etc.


NVMe PCIe 3.0×4 P700 Series
Series P700
Storage Connectivity AIC Form Factor
Single slot x4 connector
Components 15nm NAND Flash, Multi-Level Cell (MLC)
Compatibility NVM Express Specification
PCI Express Base Specification
PCI Express Electromechanical Specification
Support Legacy and UEFI BIOS
Capacity 512GB - 2TB
Thickness 168 x 18.74 x 68.9 mm
Sequential Read
Sequential Write
IOPS 4KB Write

up to 2,500MB/sec
up to 2,000MB/sec
up to 300,000
up to 260,000
Power 12V / 3.3V
Shock 1500 G, 0.5 ms;
MTBF >2,000,000Hours
Operating Temperature 0°C to +55°C, 5 to 90% Non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40°C to +105°C, 5 to 90% Non-condensing
Part Number RD-P306MMN-NXXX5